New College VARSITY 2024

Hello and welcome to the inter-college VARSITY tournament webpage!

The University of Hull will be the venue for the third annual NCLT VARSITY event on 8 March 2024. There will be a selection of events throughout the afternoon. Make sure you follow our social media platforms for coverage of the events. Below you can find the full tournament schedule and LIVE results as they come in.

Notes for competitors

Lunch and refreshments need to be brought by students competing.

Key Timings

· 10:15am – Welcome briefing from Richard Fletcher/Tom Thorpe

· 10:30am – Competitions begin

· 14:00pm – Competitions end

· 14:10pm – Results and Awards ceremony

· 14:40pm – Students leave back to colleges

Changing rooms for the day

Indoor sports change in the Allam Centre.

All football change in the Pavillion next to the 3G pitches.


Football (Boys 1sts)

Football (Boys 2nds)




Indoor Cricket


Scoring Structure

3 Points for a win
2 Points for a draw
1 point for a loss

Badminton = 1 point per game won

Trophies to be awarded to winning college in each event and overall winner at 2pm in the Allam Centre.






Football 1st Teams (Boys)

11AM – 2PM

11-a-side 3G 111.00 – 11.40amNCD1 v NCB1NCD1 3-0 NCB1
11-a-side 3G 111.45 – 12.25pmNCP1 v NCB1NCP1 1-1 NCB1
11-a-side 3G 112.30 – 1.15pmNCD1 v NCP1NCD1 0-1 NCP1

Football 2nd Teams (Boys)

11AM – 2PM

11-a-side 3G 211.00 – 11.40amNCD2 v NCB2NCD2 2-1 NCB2
11-a-side 3G 211.45 – 12.25pmNCP2 v NCB2NCP2 5-1 NCB2
11-a-side 3G 212.30 – 1.15pmNCD2 v NCP2NCD2 0-1 NCP2

Football (Girls)

11AM – 2PM

1 Team Per College (Squad of 12). 2 x 20min. 8 v 8

LocationTime (subject to change)FixtureResult
Small Sided 3G11.00 – 11.40amNCD v NCBNCD 1-1 NCB
Small Sided 3G11.45 – 12.25pmNCP v NCBNCP 5-0 NCB
Small Sided 3G12.30 – 1.15pmNCD v NCPNCD 0-4 NCP

Rugby 9’s (Boys)

11:30AM – 13:00PM

LocationTime (subject to change)FixtureResult
Rugby Pitch11.30 – 12.00pmNCD v NCBNCD 6-3 NCB
Rugby Pitch12.00 – 12.30pmNCP v NCBNCP 10-2 NCB
Rugby Pitch12.30 – 1.00pmNCD v NCPNCD 2-6 NCP

Netball (Girls)

Sports Hall 3

11AM – 12:00PM

LocationTime (subject to change)FixtureResult
Sports Hall 211.00 – 11.20amNCD v NCBNCD 35-1 NCB
Sports Hall 211.20 – 11.40amNCP v NCBNCP 26-1 NCB
Sports Hall 211.40 – 12.00pmNCD v NCPNCD 10-11 NCP


Sports Hall 2

12.00PM – 13.00PM

LocationTime (subject to change)FixtureResult
Sports Hall 212.00 – 12.20pmNCD v NCBNCD 47-7 NCB
Sports Hall 212.20 – 12.40pmNCP v NCBNCP 46-9 NCB
Sports Hall 212.40. -13.00pmNCD v NCPNCD 24-22 NCP

Indoor Cricket

Sports Hall 3

11.30AM – 1.00PM

LocationTime (subject to change)FixtureResult
Sports Hall 311.30 – 12.00pmNCD v NCBNCB
Sports Hall 312.00 – 12.30pmNCP v NCBNCB
Sports Hall 312.30 – 1.00pmNCD v NCPNCD


Sports Hall 3

10.30AM – 11.30AM

Singles (2 Entries per College)

Doubles (2 Entry per college)

LocationTime (subject to change)FixtureResult
Sports Hall Court 110:30am – 10.45amNCD1 v NCB1NCD
Sports Hall Court 210:30am – 10.45amNCD2 v NCB2NCD
Sports Hall Court 310:30am – 10.45amNCD Doubles 1 v NCB Doubles 1NCD
Sports Hall Court 410:30am – 10.45amNCD Doubles 2 v NCB Doubles 2NCD
Sports Hall Court 110:45am – 11:00amNCP1 v NCB1NCP
Sports Hall Court 210:45am – 11:00amNCP2 v NCB2NCB
Sports Hall Court 310:45am – 11:00amNCD Doubles 1 v NCP Doubles 1NCD
Sports Hall Court 410:45am – 11:00amNCD Doubles 2 v NCP Doubles 2NCD
Sports Hall Court 111:00am – 11.15amNCD1 v NCP1 NCD
Sports Hall Court 211:00am – 11.15amNCD2 v NCP2NCP
Sports Hall Court 311:00am – 11.15amNCP Doubles 1 v NCB Doubles 1NCP
Sports Hall Court 411:00am – 11.15amNCP Doubles 2 v NCB Doubles 2NCP


Sports Hall 1

1PM – 2PM

1 Team per college (Squad of 8 Min 2 females on court)

LocationTime (subject to change)FixtureResult
Sports Hall 11.00 – 1.20pmNCD v NCBNCD 5-25 NCB
Sports Hall 11.20 – 1.40pmNCP v NCBNCP 25-12 NCB
Sports Hall 11.40 – 2.00pmNCD v NCPNCD 11-25 NCP

Non-Sport Competitions

10.30AM – 2.00PM

LocationTime (subject to change)FixtureResult
Studio 1 – Chess10.30AM – 2.00PMNCD v NCB v NCPNCD
Studio 2 – Maths10.30AM – 2.00PMNCD v NCB v NCPNCP

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