Teaching for Learning (unique to Primary)

Our vision for teaching for learning is to:

  1. Equip all pupils with the knowledge, skills and behaviours necessary to inspire creativity, foster inclusion and so achieve their full potential. 
  2. Have motivated educators who are passionate about teaching and committed to continuous professional development, where a culture of continuous improvement for staff highlights a professional obligation to improve their practice and incorporate innovative teaching methods and technologies.  
  3. Develop a well-rounded curriculum to nurture creativity in all its forms, fostering imagination, innovation and self-expression through a rich and varied curriculum that incorporates arts, sciences, humanities and practical experiences. 
  4. Create a supportive and engaging learning environment that encourages active participation and caters to diverse learning styles utilising creative learning, collaborative group work and hands-on activities to make learning more interactive and relevant.  
  5. Embed quality extracurricular activities, to promote pupils’ overall well-being and personal growth. 
  6. Provide personalised, evidence informed CPD to focus the development of teachers on aspects of their practice that will have the greatest impact on their pupils. 
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