Policies & Other Documents

As a result of the New Collaborative Learning Trust welcoming our first Secondary School, all policies are undergoing a review to ensure their suitability for both Post-16 and Pre-16 educational settings.  ‘Trust Policies’ are those which have been updated and approved, and now apply to all NCLT institutions. The other policies listed below are either in the process of transition or, due to the nature of the policy, will remain as applicable to only Pre-16 or Post-16 settings.

To request a policy in another format or for any further information regarding policies, please contact info@nclt.ac.uk.


School Policies

Following the transfer of Redscope, Anston Greenlands and Thorpe Hesley Primary Schools to NCLT, our policies are currently under review. The Primary Schools will be aligned with our existing school and Trust policies where possible and at the appropriate times.

Privacy Notices

Other Privacy Notices

Other Documents

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